Transformative initiatives deserve to be shared.

We believe that, like Design itself, social initiatives must assume an engaging role and a unique experience, in order to cause impact in the society.

How we make this possible?

Donate animations to social initiatives with the same quality of the ones we provide to our clients, is the way we found out to show that there are many ways to help people to be understood, by helping them to expand their ideas or by simply building up their message through a simple and objective design, so they can keep fighting for a better world.

Thinking about this we donate a percentage of our time and profit to create quality animations for initiatives that deserve to be seen and recognized.

What about your company donate an animation, without extra charges?

Upon hiring an animation package, your company donates directly and without extra charge, a 60 second animation to a non-profitable institution, NGO or welfare-oriented association.

Aiming to foster even more these donations, we also run campaigns along the year to amplify possibilities.

Do you have a groundbreaking initiative? Would you like to have a brand new animation?

Tell us about your deal

We created a database that will help us to know which projects are in need of an animation to deliver their message.

Take a look at some projects that already received our donation program



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